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Based on crafts, timeless designs and with love for nature.

Our mission is to design timeless and handmade items that can last a lifetime. We are well aware of the importance of our nature, the materials that we use and the road a product has to travel to get to the customer. It is our goal to design products that fit their owners and leave as little trace on nature as possible. And we want to bring you along in our journey. So we design interior items with a timeless and minimalistic design that transition through life with us. Only based on crafts and natural materials. Equally as important is the production process which is mostly done by brand owner Minke herself or by our carefully selected partners. All products are sourced in Europe and produced in the Netherlands.

Why? It’s the craft behind the product that matters and the special feeling our handmade products can ad to our daily routine. As we spend a lot of our time indoors, to work, learn and live, the products around us leave more impact on us than imaginable. Our products have a natural character to improve your day to day life. Natural materials in your interior can reduce stress, improve creativity and your well-being. That is why we exclusively work with high quality, natural materials; to leave a timeless impression!