All of our textiles are sourced in Europe and carry 3 different certificates so that we exactly know the origin of the fabric. The flaxes grow through rainwater in Europe and are assembled and woven in Belgium. We specifically use linen because of its sustainable character. It grows fast, uses little water compared to other textiles and also requires few chemicals to control insects.


The plaster we use to build The Tide Collection has a fast drying time, which makes it complicated to work with, but it actually produces a nice variegated effect. That is why we deliberately chose this material to create a marbled effect. The plaster is manufactured in Belgium and is composed of 95% natural ingredients from Europe. The formula is neutral and is pigmented by us on site, which allows for more environmentally friendly transport and prevents product wastage.


To throw our ceramics we use different types of European clay that are specially developed for a Dutch family business. The clay is produced under strict rules. The great thing about working with clay is that you continue to have the option of deforming the product. So there will be hardly any loss of raw materials. We use porcelain and stoneware.