The Tide Collection – The Shelf


Shaped after the tides.

  • Delivery: Hand shaped in 3 till 6 weeks
  • Material: Massive wood combined with plaster and a firm varnish
  • Measurement: L 115 cm. x D 23 cm. x H 2 cm.
  • Made in: The Netherlands with care and social impact
  • Care:  Use a mild cleaning solution. Rinse stains if they occur and they won’t leave a mark. Be careful with ink.
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Returns: Please keep in mind that you can withdraw your purchase in 14 days on The Tide Collection
  • What is included: Plugs and suspension system


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The plaster technique is one that is centuries old, originating from the venetian way of finishing walls and ceilings. With multiple layers we create the marbled effect it has. The whole item is made by hand and fully sustainable. Both sourced and assembled in the Netherlands. The varnish gives the shelf its matt look and takes care of the plaster, to make it last a lifetime.